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Waste Management & Circular Economy in Hospitality

Published by: Atingi, 2021

This self-paced course shows the negative impacts of the waste generated globally and in tourism particularly. It points out where waste is generated in hotels and further shows the importance of effective waste management. Besides, the course gives an insight into measuring and monitoring the hotel’s waste volume. The implementation of reduction measures is crucial, so participants get introduced to the concept of the circular economy. Another topic that is taken into account is waste sorting and recycling. Finally, ways for the involvement of staff, guests and suppliers in contributing to the aim of improved waste management are pointed out.

  • You will be able to explain the benefits of an effective waste management and the concept of circular economy
  • You will learn to identify your hotel’s waste volume
  • You will understand how to implement an effective waste reduction & management process, to assess your hotel’s performance in waste management