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The Future of Sustainable Hospitality

Published by: Atingi, 2021

This module explores the future of sustainable hotels, where you can learn from the two of the best sustainable hotels in the world and can develop your own plan towards more sustainability. The course first deals with kick-starting sustainable in hotels by looking at the meaning and importance of sustainability in hotels. It is further pointed out how to generate commitment and establish a ‘sustainability’ or ‘green’ team in a hotel. You get introduced to a sustainability management plan. In addition, the module dives deeper into the management of key resources, namely water, energy and waste. You get familiar with the concept of the supply chain and responsible purchasing. The course completes with the topic of stakeholder involvement and the communication of sustainability.

  • You will understand the importance of sustainability for hotel operations
  • You will learn how to generate commitment throughout the hotel and create a sustainability team
  • You will be able to develop a sustainability management plan and sustainability policy