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Looking Forward Vol. 1: Evaluating the Challenges for Pacific Tourism after COVID-19

Published by: PSDI, 2021

This regional tourism sector assessment by the PSDI (Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative):

  • profiles the tourism sectors of the Asian Development Bank’s 14 Pacific developing member countries (DMCs);
  • examines the damage done by COVID-19; and
  • looks ahead to the resumption of international travel.

The publication is the first in a series examining new and long-standing challenges in the Pacific tourism sector. It assesses the sector’s existing challenges, examines the impact of COVID-19 on all aspects of tourism supply and demand, and begins to offer a series of recommendations for addressing the sector’s new and long-standing challenges as it recovers. A second volume in the series will expand on these recommendations, with a focus on building long-term sustainability and supporting Pacific communities to derive greater value from the tourism sector.