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Get tips on how to navigate your way through the global tourism crisis

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Managing your small and medium-sized enterprise during the COVID-19 pandemic

This kit is designed for Destination Management Organizations (DMO) to help small to medium-sized tourism enterprises (SMEs) during the COVID-19 crisis, to achieve practical and sustainable business renewal.

The COVID-19 Crisis has been the first truly existential threat to global tourism and has brought the entire industry, regardless of scale, to a standstill across the board. As the trade turns to Governments for assistance, DMOs and Ministries must recognise that the core of a destination’s tourism industry and identity lies with its small to medium-sized local enterprises and that their focus and levels of assistance and support should be towards these stakeholders. While large international brands, foreign airlines, and multi-national chains can turn to global financial institutions and the Governments of their headquartered countries for support, your local businesses need your help now more than ever.

This resource kit is to help DMOs develop plans and solutions for SME tourism recovery.

Checklist for Supporting your Tourism Business Sector

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