Recovery Planner

The PATA Recovery Planner is a guidance tool to create a personalised Five-Phase COVID-19 tourism recovery plan

PATA's Five-Phase Approach to COVID-19 Recovery


Decline of Travel
- Cases on the rise -
  • Mitigation of impacts of the virus
  • Management of Immediate reactive travel impacts (including repatriations, cancellation and rebooking management etc.)
  • Minimization of negative impacts
  • Strategies to manage case spread
  • “Flattening the curve"
  • Viable Business & Activities
  • Restaurants and cafes for take-out / contact-less delivery
  • Parks, natural tourism that can maintain safety and limit interactions but no physical facilities open


Plateau & Planning
- Flattened case spread -
  • Crisis management turning to recovery planning
  • Development of internal resilience to case spread
  • Strategic planning for recovery
  • Discussion and formalization of localised protocols for reopening
  • Viable Business & Activities
  • Cafes and restaurants only for take-away and delivery
  • Individual natural and outdoor activities open with social distancing and health standards
  • Public gatherings of less than 10 people socially distanced
  • Road transportation with limited seating at 50% vehicle capacity


Emerging from Crisis
- Cases declining -
  • Reopening and renewal of the business sector
  • Support, stimulus and revitalisation of travel sector
  • Development of contingency plans for travel related spread
  • Publication and initial implementation of protocols
  • Lifting of internal restrictions
  • Viable Business & Activities
  • Tourism service businesses (hotels, restaurants, retail) reopen at limited capacity
  • Outdoor activities and attractions open with social distancing
  • Restart of domestic/regional travel and transportation service
  • Public gatherings of less than 20 people socially distanced


Domestic & Regional
- Cases under control -
  • Resumption of domestic and potentially regional travel for land borders
  • Opening of some airports and travel infrastructure
  • Resumption of domestic and short haul regional travel
  • Reactive management of second waves of cases
  • Assessment of protocols
  • Viable Business & Activities
  • Capacity in businesses and accommodations increased
  • Reopening of cultural and entertainment venues at limited capacity
  • Expansion of domestic/regional travel and transportation
  • Public gatherings less than 50 people, and group tours less than 10 people socially distanced


International Travel
- Cases minimal -
  • Opening of borders
  • Establishment of air bridges and bi-lateral travel agreement
  • Resumption of international travel
  • Adaptation and evolution of policies and protocols
  • Viable Business & Activities
  • Reopening of entertainment and additional cultural venues and service retail industry
  • Continued increased capacity of business and accommodation
  • Public gatherings of less than 100 people, and group tours of less than 20 people
  • Restart of international travel, and continued expansion of domestic/regional travel

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