Destination Marketing Training Kit

Do you want to build capacity to develop effective destination marketing and management to support the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic?

The PATA CRC Regional Training Materials will provide you with practical steps for Destination Managers and businesses to develop strategies for immediate action to protect and sustain their sector and be fully prepared to enter into recovery and return to growth.

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About the Destination Marketing Training Kit

Destinations Reacting to Covid

Rethinking Marketing

Rethinking Content

Developing A Recovery Plan


The Covid-19 Pandemic has evolved from its first detection in late 2019 to one of the most significant and existential threats to global travel and tourism. The damage to destinations and the businesses they supported has been unprecedented and no Destination Manager or business was prepared for a crisis of this scale.

COVID-19 could not be treated as a simple crisis that could be managed and contained. This was a global phenomenon and has changed the world. Tourism can no longer be considered in isolation and has become linked to globalization, health, transportation and immigration process. To succeed in this environment needs planning that is data driven, informed and part of a broader strategy.

These training materials are a base guide for destinations to work towards the creation of qualified adaptive recovery strategy to address three key phases:

1. React: Responding to and managing the current situation and initiate restarting travel

2. Rethink: Working in partnership with the trade to re-evaluate and prioritize products, markets and channels

3. Rebuild: Shape a new strategy for a phased return to growth in the new global market

Learn How to Develop your Destination Marketing

  • Hold online trade engagement and surveys to gain real-time intelligence
  • Establish protocols in agreement with the trade
  • Identify potential opportunities for the destination
  • Conduct a Triage based evaluation of Products, Channels, Airlines, Markets and
  • Develop a portal with updated comprehensive destination information

Download your Destination Marketing Training Kit