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Get tips on how to navigate your way through the global tourism crisis

Find out how to prepare your accommodation for a safe reopening

Get advice for the human resource issues you might be facing

Learn about the legal issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Managing your accommodation during the COVID-19 pandemic

The impact of the coronavirus on tourism has been unprecedented in its scale, scope and swiftness of impact. What was initially seen as a possible problem with the Chinese Market swiftly escalated into a global crisis that effectively closed down all global tourism within weeks. 

For accommodation providers, the impact was almost immediate as cancellations moved rapidly from short term to longer term, and control overbooking supply was removed from the hands of business owners as the aviation sector effectively closed down disrupting the distribution channels and impacting packaging, tour operator contracts and partnerships.

Many accommodation providers found themselves overwhelmed by cancellations, opening a labyrinth of policy related challenges for both direct and intermediary channels, while simultaneously losing future revenue.

Now faced with disrupted business, financial losses and the potential recovery determined by health and security policies of multiple governments, the entire sector is struggling to navigate an uncertain future.

This resource kit is to help accommodation owners work towards making the decisions needed and make a plan for sustainable recovery

Checklist for Supporting your Hospitality Sector

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