Communication Strategy Guide

Do you want to learn how to develop an effective communications strategy to support the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic?

This guide will provide you with practical advice on how to plan and implement a communication campaign which will build credibility and trust with key audiences.

Develop your Communication Strategy

About this Communication Strategy Guide

Learn how to map your audiences

Learn how to develop and use key messages

Learn how to select the right channels

Learn how to measure success


The response of certain Governments to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, demonstrated the vital importance of communicating with clarity, authority and empathy in times of crisis. Elsewhere, other governments and political leaders have shown that misleading, inconsistent or contradictory messaging will quickly undermine trust, sow confusion or dissent, and prolong the crisis.


The purpose of this document is therefore to help Destination Management Organisations (DMOs), and other components of the travel value chain to develop an integrated communication strategy which will support the recovery from COVID-19 by building credibility and trust among all affected stakeholders, including potential visitors.

While focused primarily on DMOs in the first instance, the principles and approaches suggested in this document can be readily adapted to serve the needs of any business or organisation seeking to engage and influence key audiences as they consider how to recover from the crisis.

What You'll Find in the Communication Strategy

  • First Principles
  • Barriers to Success
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Understanding the Audience
  • Developing a Message Framework
  • Using the Message Framework
  • Choosing the Right Channels
  • Identifying Spokespeople
  • Working with Influencers
  • Measuring Success

Develop your Communication Strategy