COVID-19 Tourism Recovery Tools for Destinations and Businesses

Find resources to support recovery efforts in the robust, and responsible recovery of the Asia Pacific travel and tourism industry

Create your own recovery plan

Use the PATA Recovery Planner to create a personalised, five-phased COVID-19 tourism recovery plan for your destination.

Marketing & communication kits

Do you want to learn how to develop an effective communications strategies to support the recovery from crises?

Theses toolkits and guides will provide you with practical advice on how to plan and implement a communication campaign which will build credibility and trust with key audiences.

The kit includes: stakeholder mapping, understanding audiences, messaging, channels & measurement, and crisis communication planning.

The kit includes: rethinking marketing, rethinking content, destinations reacting to COVID-19, and developing a recovery plan.

The kit includes: how to map your audiences, develop and use key messages, select the right channels and measure success.

This kit includes: key functions of the crisis communication team, communication timeline in a crisis and consistency across channels.

Sector resource kits

Looking for specific industry-related COVID-19 recovery guides? Our carefully curated sector kits have all the information you need.

COVID-19 Signage Kit

To help communicate the health & safety procedures in your business, download this COVID-19 Signage Kit and make your guests and customers aware of how you have adapted and prepared for the way forward.

Case studies

While the COVID-19 crisis has been unprecedented, we can still learn a great deal about the potential opportunities and pitfalls on the road to recovery. By learning from the examples of other destinations in a time of crisis, we can make more informed decisions and avoid making mistakes that others have made.

These case studies show us how both destinations and businesses were impacted by different forms of crisis, the challenges they faced and the innovation, opportunities and resources that they found to steer their course to recovery.

Download the full COVID-19 recovery toolkit

Get all our resources on COVID-19 recovery in one toolkit.

The toolkit includes:

  • Case Studies
  • Communication Strategy
  • Crisis Communication Planner
  • Aviation Kit
  • Hospitality Kit
  • Tour Operator Kit
  • SME Kit
  • Printable COVID-19 Signage

And don't forget to download our reports

This report highlights emerging trends about health and hygiene in travel and tourism concerning traveller booking behaviour and resident sentiment to assist destination managers rethink, rebuild, and reposition their destinations.

This report aims to aid tourism recovery by providing policymakers and donors innovative and best practice examples of policy response. The authors studied policy responses in five developing destinations spread across South and Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Get crisis advice from experts

PATA has a great wealth of experience of working with both the private sector and DMOs during periods of crisis. We have a network of experts and consultants with extensive experience in this field.

Destinations that succeed in achieving recovery will be those that re-engage with these partners and demonstrate they have a phased, structured plan to demonstrate the capacity and return to growth.

Other useful COVID-19 links and resources

See these links from verified sources with news, resources and guidance for travel and tourism during COVID-19.

Supporting Partners

Learn How a PATA Membership Can Help You Achieve Your Organisational Goals

We help support the growth of our members’ businesses in both public and private sectors by expanding their networks regionally and globally, while strengthening the tourism industry through trade events, industry research, professional development programs, and targeted channels for brand exposure.