Tourism Destination Resilience

Learn how to build destination resilience with PATA's Tourism Destination Resilience Course. The 10-module course provides micro-certificates for each module and a Certificate of Completion to those who successfully complete the Final Course Quiz.
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About the course


PATA’s Tourism Destination Resilience (TDR) course was created to help build a more resilient tourism industry by assisting destinations in their COVID-19 recovery, but, most importantly, by preparing them for future crises that will certainly come.

The course applauds and credits the foundation of materials and resources developed over the past decades while building new strategies tailored for our post-COVID, locked-down, digital world. This wealth of resources is referenced throughout the course as well as select documents available from the PATA Crisis Resource Center searchable resource library.

This course joins destination management, destination stewardship, risk assessment, risk management and adaptive capacity to build a comprehensive destination resilience framework as a necessary step for sustainable tourism development.

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Module 1 – Introduction to Tourism Destination Resilience

This first module introduces the definition and framework of Tourism Destination Resilience (TDR) as well as the outline of the course.

Module 2 – Risk Assessment

Module 2 presents the importance and the necessary steps for conducting a risk assessment in tourism destinations.

Module 3 – Destination Management Strategy

This module introduces the key components of destination management and strategy formulation for resilience.

Module 4 – Emergency Planning

Module 4 presents the definition and the key elements and stakeholders involved in emergency planning for destinations.

Module 5 – Post-Crisis Planning: Respond, Rethink, Recover

This module introduces the Respond, Rethink, Recover framework for destinations' post-crisis recovery planning.

Module 6 – Training and Capacity Building

Module 6 presents the key capacities that need to be strengthened in any destination to increase its adaptive capacity and resilience.

Module 7 – Resilient Infrastructure and Services

This module introduces the main roadblocks – and their respective solutions – when developing resilient infrastructure and services.

Module 8 – Local & Regional Market Supply and Demand

Module 8 presents the need for shortening the supply and demand chains as a powerful strategy in times of crisis – as well as in the long run.

Module 9 – Tourism Offer Diversification

This module presents the key diversification strategies for tourism destinations as a means of increasing their adaptive capacity.

Module 10 – Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage

Module 10 presents how resilience and long-term sustainability come together when future-proofing destinations.